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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sing like no one's listening

Well looks like my good intentions to post maybe once a week went out of the window lol. Anyway I made this a while ago now and just haven't gotten round to uploading it to my blog. I've totally fallen in love with Lotv stamps. How cute are these little beauties, they have so much detail and I can't wait for the new releases on 12th November. I loved making this card but I find red copics are hard to work with and I can see where its bled onto the hymn sheet (sigh). I've tried to blend it but it ain't happening and it was just spreading. So don't look too closely and if you do remember I'm still learning. (My excuse and I'm sticking to it). Hope the weather in your corner of the world is better than here Northern England, the wind is really strong and lots of rain and hailstones to boot. I think wer'e in for a bad winter which reminds me I must buy some trendy wellies this year.